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Introducing JGCash




JGCash are Loyalty Points That You Will Earn After you Place an Order on JoyGlobal Website & App (Herein Referred to as “JGCash or Store Credits”). JGCash Can be Redeemed by You on Future Orders as Per the Applicable Terms and Conditions. JGCash Will Help you to Save More.
How Can I Earn JGCash?
After Placing an Order on JoyGlobal You Will Earn 4% JGCash of Your Product Value.

HOW TO FIND JGCash Points?
Just Login to Your JoyGlobal Account and Go To My Account Option to See Your JGCash or Store Credits. You Will be Able to See Your Balance Points and Summary of Your Recent JGCash Transactions.

How Can I Redeem My JGCash?
Once You Have Successfully Earned Some JGCash, When You Place an Order Again for Products on JoyGlobal, Your 5% JGCash Points Shall be Redeemed from Your Account. Please Note That You Need to Manually Apply the JGCash Points Before Checkout.
Can I Lose My Earned JGCash Points?
JGCash Points Earned After Your Purchase for Those There is no Limitation You Can Use Whenever You Want. But The JGCash Points Earn by Review That Will be Valid for 90 Days From The Date When Such Points Are Credited to Your Joy Global Account.
What Happens to My JGCash Points When My Order Gets Cancelled?
In Case of Order Cancellation Your JGCash Shall Be Refunded Back to Your Account. If Part of Your Order is Cancelled Then The Amount of JGCash Used in Your Part Order Shall be Refunded Back.

What Happens When You Cancel The Order Placed?
JGCash Points Shall Not be Credited for Orders which Are Cancelled. In Such a Case if Any JGCash Points Have Been Credited to Your Account, The Same May be Recovered Without Any Notice.
Can I Utilize The Entire JGCash in my Account to Pay For a Single order?
No, You Can Only Use 5% of Your Total Product Value Using JGCash. You Have The Option to Redeem the JGCash in Your Account at the time of Checkout.
What Are the Benefits of JGCash Points?
More Savings Than Before! JGCash Points Are The Points That You Earn in Return When Placing an Order on JoyGlobal for Product After You Place an Order.

Can I Transfer My JGCash Points?
No, JGCash Points Cannot be Transferred to Any Other Account or User.
Can I Club JGCash Points With Other Promotional Offers?
No, JGCash Points Cannot be Clubbed With Any Other Promotional or Other Discount Offers.

Can I Pay for The Complete Order by Redeeming JGCash Points?
No, You Can Use Only 5% Successfully Redeem a Part of Your Order Using JGCash Points and The Rest Using Other Modes of Payments.