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JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp

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JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp 6 pattern cookie stamp from the house of JOYGLOBAL comes in white color. It is made of good quality plastic to offer optimum durability and is dishwasher safe. Tips for the Perfect Stamped Cookies:- Chill your dough - chilling your dough for at least 20 minutes before you stamp, then again for an hour before you bake so it goes into the oven cold, will help to "set" the stamp design into your cookie. Dust your JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp- Use flour to dust your stamp, then tap off the excess before stamping your dough. Repeat this between stamps to ensure no dough sticks to the stamp. (You can dust with icing sugar if you are stamping fondant). Ensure your oven is the right temperature - Adding your chilled cookies into a pre-heated oven at the right temperature is a must. If the oven is not hot enough the cookie will take longer to cook and will have more time to spread. JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp might take a little trial and error with your own oven as cooking times may vary. We find that the less the dough is rolled and handled, the better the results. Try to minimize the amount you handle and roll your dough - pop your dough back into the fridge to chill if you have rolled it out more than twice. JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp Pro Tip: roll out your dough onto an oven tray lined with non greased baking paper before chilling. JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp Chill for 10-20 minutes, the pullout to stamp. Then put back in the fridge to chill for an hour. When you stamp and cut out your cookies, remove excess dough without having to move or touch your cookies. Mix it up - use fondant - Another way to get fantastic results is to use fondant to cover your cookies (or cupcakes). Add some color and impress your guests!

  • JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp Colour: Off-White
  • The Diameter of the discs is Approximately 4.6 Centimeters / 1.75 Inches
  • Package Contents : One Cookie Stamper + 6 Patterns Stamp
  • Cookware Special Feature: Dishwasher Safe
  • JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp Excellent for easily making decorated homemade cookies with butter and gingerbread dough. The set contains the stamp, 6 original, easily replaceable patterns and a round cutter. The patterns are stored in the chamber of the stamp. Made of excellent resistant plastic and silicone.


JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp

JoyGlobal Cookies Cutter and Stamp

Rs. 439.00
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