JoyGlobal Silicone Leaf Shape Fondant Mould

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  • The perfect mould for making Leaves, with a great finish. The flexible silicone material of the mould allows for quick and easy removal, retaining the original shape.
  • Mould Size : 3 x 2.4 x 0.8 Inches ;
  • Actual Weight: 73 Grams
  • Temperature and the minimum temperature of minus 40 degrees, the maximum temperature of 230 degrees, heat evenly by freezing.
  • Use: The microwave oven, the refrigerator can wash water disinfection
  • Safety without peculiar smell Long-time use of colour remains the same


Cleaning and maintenance silicone mold 1. Before first use, can be cleaned with water or detergent to remove surface dirt. Mold for baking before, using a small smear of butter inside the mold. Even when using the mold, such as empty slots can be added to the empty tank of water, air burning is prohibited. 2. After each use, can be soaked in diluted detergent solution for 10-30 minutes, wash with a soft cloth for cleaning, do not use harsh cleaning cleaning balls and other items in order to avoid scratches caused by damage to the mold. After cleaning, please dry, placed in storage box, the silica reaction prone to static electricity, will absorb the tiny particles in the air and dust, while long-term use, avoid direct exposure to the air. 3. For the oven, the oven must be placed in the middle of the site, and keep about 10cm away from the heating pipes, and the oven walls to keep a distance of 5cm, so as not to damage the mold temperature. 4. Some mold has split the factory when it was already cut open, is to facilitate buyers to mold. If no incision, can not mold. When in use, the incision for good after plastic wrap or put rubber bands into the liquid can be.


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